Thursday, July 8, 2010

a guest blogger .......... and robins ...

We have a guest blogger: When Maggie saw the robin she sent me her full story about the wingèd creatures which I felt had to appear here.

Our family is by birth Celtic ~ Irish, Scots, Welsh …. we have by default inherited a love of music, a sense of destiny, a belief in the otherworld of fae and elf as well as a healthy respect for the unknown. I firmly believe in Maggie’s robins – Mum instilled a love of family in all of us and I cannot imagine her not watching over her brood.

Thank you Mag …


I remember when I was a
child; my mum would often say that when she died she wanted to come back as a bird so she could fly over all of us to watch us. Just one of those childhood things that sticks with you. In the few weeks following the terrible loss of our dear mum, when sitting in the livin
g room at the cottage I noticed that whenever I looked out the door, there was a robin sitting on the fence “looking” straight towards me. Then I found at home, in the back yard again on the fence, there was a robin “looking” at me. One morning as I walked the dogs before work, there was one hopping along the grass, jumping to each lawn as we went down the street. That’s when I knew, Mum was watching.

Four years ago we went to Wales to visit my mum’s sister. I was telling her about my robin and she, too believed it was her sister. She said they never had robins in her part of the country, but wished she would see one. A couple of months later, she called to say she was standing at the sink looking out at the beautiful old tree in the yard and what did she see…yes, a robin.

I continued to see my robin. Though obviously not the same one every time, there was just always one there… the city, the country, no matter where.

Then quite suddenly my darling aunt passed way. We were so sad; it was like losing Mum all over again. Her daughter called me a few weeks after and said that she and her dad were sitting chattin
g in the solarium, when they heard some rustling in the bushes outside She turn to look and not one, but two robins hopped from the brush!!

After that when I looked to the fence, or watched while walking there were two.

I guess one could say that if you are looking for them you are going to find them - that they are always around, but you just don’t notice them. It is probably true, but I like to believe Mum and Peggy are with me.

Then, last year Uncle Dennis, Mum and Peg’s older brother died. Poor old man, must have been so sad having lost his baby sisters and was gone fairly soon. No, I’m not going to say there were now three robins everywhere, but within days of his death, I was at the park with the boys. It is quite a large area and often there are flocks of seagulls, or Canada Geese landing and grazing on the soccer field. I was just standing as the boys sniffed every blade of grass, when I realized there were a lot of much smaller birds on the field. I walked over to find they were of course, robins. I am going to say 20 or 30, grazing. They stayed until we got quite close, then they flew off.

Since that day I have to
say that I don’t always feel like I am being followed by the robin.

Sometimes, of course, but not as frequently. To me, the large gathering was Mum and her family telling me that they were alright now, and she and her siblings were back with their beloved Mum and Dad who they had missed for so many years and they were happy. She still pops into check once in awhile, and I always say “Hi Mum” and then remind Sammy he can’t chase them!

These beautiful boys are a huge part of Maggie’s life, and were it not for her, heaven only knows where they would be. Maggie rescued Joe from an horrendous experience as a stray which left him scarred, blind in one eye and with shotgun pellets in his scalp.We will never know what actually happened, but he has come sailing through it all, sweet and gentle. Sam, poor Sam was in foster care, not because of mistreatment but because his owners were no longer able to care for him. Maggie took Joe to meet him, to see if they would be a “fit” – well, when they curled up together in the back seat of the car – he “fit”.

My sister and many like her save animals from fates they do not deserve.If you have room in your heart and in your home, think about rescuing one – two ???

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